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10-2-2015 by Kate

Well we’ve closed up shop these days, thanks to our many customers over the years! From Asia to Africa we loved having you as our valuable customers. For anyone who wants to take over as a special interest book seller you are going to need a dedicated merchant account, particularly for international sales, due to the fact that sales can become cumbersome for the average business owner, as well as the buyer themselves. Leanne has moved on from book sales and into providing merchant account referrals. The beauty of having a high risk merchant account, especially within Australia means that you are able to transact and continue your business, whether it be from kids cartoon books all the way to Adults Only books (one of our best sellers, believe it or not!). is definitely worth looking at getting a merchant account for e-commerce through these guys. The advantages of being able to transact in any currency, whether it be AUD, USD or CAD carries immense opportunity for international trade, particularly in the high risk business categories such as technical support and nutraceutical/pharmaceutical as well as adult and general e-commerce.

Fortunately, Leanne now working for HighRiskMerchantAccounts.com.au (besides the long URL!), she is able to provide a solution for almost any business in any country, which includes having provided one for us back when we were trading. You can ask her, but rates for processing depend on what exactly it is you want to sell online… For general e-commerce such as books or clothes you can set yourself up with anywhere between 2-6% processing rate, depending on processing history and your chargeback and dispute ratio. Depending on the bona fide industry, High Risk Merchant Accounts could even set you up with a third-party aggregate account and waive all the bloody documents required… wouldn’t it be great to be processing again despite all the set backs merchant find themselves up against these days? With a solution for actually almost anybody, we suggest logging on and calling the Leanne at www.highriskmerchantaccounts.com.au if need be. Standing by her fantastic rates and customer service, we have no doubt she will land you in “processing heaven” whether your solution needs to be onshore or offshore. Anyway, sorry for the long post but we will be back in another month with either some additional tips on merchant accounts or other great business ideas.



12-2-2015 by Jodie

Given that it is summer time here in Sydney, we see ourselves relaxing more – nothing beats a nice peaceful reading session on an Australian beach with a great book (hopefully that you got from us!). The joy that summer brings keeps us all feeling great, especially on those warm nights filled with good company. During the day we like to enjoy ourselves with our all time favourite books, and in the evening we meet familiar strangers to enjoy a typical Australian BBQ or gathering. For those interested in parties and clubbing rather than reading a book in the evening, you can switch yourselves over to our partner at Amyl Nitrate Australia to stock up on “evening supplies”, especially for the boys community out there. Actually this year Sydney is having its 37th Annual Mardi Gras festival – the festival runs from February 20 to March 8 and encompasses Australia’s gay and lesbian communities. With various substantial sponsors including Banks, Durex, Finlandia and airbnb, the festival is tipped to be a success amongst party goers… and orgy-nisation! Fortunately, for boys out there who want to prepare themselves for the party, including the “after party”, you can get poppers from NSW based adult shop amylnitrate.com.au. Focussing on servicing gentlemen all around Australia, I believe they will be able to provide express delivery so that you can get your hands on poppers before the Mardi Gras festival starts!

In the mean time, if you need some fiction, non-fiction, adult and non-adult books for general reading (or on the beach!), then feel free to browse our latest reviews. After selecting your book of choice, you can head over to the contact us page, send us a message, and we will see if we have your selected book available in stock. If not, we will provide you with a reputable place that you can get your hands on the book that you’re after. That’s our guarantee. And for the boys in Sydney, NSW about to go out with a bang, enjoy! Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

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