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We collect books like some people collect stray animals. We can't resist them. Now we have come to the point of having to find good homes for our "strays" because the "pound" is getting full. Our catalogue is still growing, so if you think you might come back, please

Of course, being secondhand means nearly all our books will have at least some signs of handling and wear. Some will even have dog ears! However, on the whole they are intact, in good condition or better and we assure you they are all house-trained. Nearly all photos are of the actual book. Occasionally, we have more than one of a title in nearly identical condition, in which case, we feature the photo of the most representative book.

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AU$). For a guide to exchange rates, visit the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Finally, we are sure that you will find our prices and postage charges very reasonable. Also, because postage is calculated by total weight, buying more than one book at a time usually means you pay less postage per book. Each book is listed with its weight in grams and there is a postage estimator when viewing your shopping cart.

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